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CALM has led or participated in over 60 assessments during the past 15 years. These assessments have fallen into four categories that include:

  • CALM has independently conducted or supported several 2-week broad-based performance based assessments of Canadian and US nuclear Power plants, as well as Canadian refineries. These assessments include all functional areas (including operations, maintenance, engineering, chemistry, personnel safety) and cross functional areas (organizational effectiveness, training effectiveness, work management, configuration management, and equipment reliability). Nuclear plants are assessed to WANO and INPO Performance Objectives and Criteria. CALM worked with a Canadian petrochemical company to modify the INPO standards of excellence to petrochemical standards of excellence, with specific expansion on environmental management and emergency preparedness.
  • In addition to these broad-based assessments, CALM performs focused assessments in areas in which management needs to understand its performance or the effectiveness of actions to improve performance. These include areas such as field supervision, operations, maintenance, work management (on-line and outage), procurement, radiation protection, chemistry, system engineering, component engineering, design engineering, emergency preparedness, operating experience programs (including corrective action) and environmental management. CALM has also performed assessments of specific programs. These have included:
    • Contamination control, exposure control, ALARA, and field coaching by RP personnel in the area of Radiation Protection
    • Conduct of operations in the control room, field operations, plant status control, work protection and tagging, turnovers, use of procedures and alarm response within Operations
    • Craft ownership, Foreign Material Exclusion, schedule completion and adherence, quality of maintenance, Maintenance and Test Equipment program and management of maintenance contractors within Maintenance.
    • Effectiveness of system engineering and system health teams, configuration management, procurement engineering, effectiveness of problem solving and troubleshooting, modification process and margin management within Engineering.
    • Ownership of training by line management, incorporation of the Systematic Approach to Training within training development and delivery, and the use of training to improve performance.


  • As plants have complete refurbishment projects and new plants are commissioned, CALM provides Operational Readiness Assessments to identify any issues for initial operation or restart. CALM has conducted such reviews for new nuclear facilities and as part of the restart of nuclear power plants.
  • Part of the determination of the benefit of refurbishing a current operating plant is a broad safety review to IAEA Safety Standards Series, Safety Guide No. NS-G-2.10, “Periodic Safety Review of Nuclear Power Plants”. CALM has participated in such assessments, including conducting the high level Global Assessment to identify most significant issues and benefits as input into the refurbishment decision.
  • In addition to conducting assessments, CALM has supported nuclear power plants and petrochemical companies in establishing their own capability. This typically includes the development of the program and procedures, the establishment of the appropriate training and qualification process, and leading initial assessments.

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