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Improving Management of the Asset


Facility leadership does not have the luxury of being able to focus on one area that requires improvement. Leadership must oversee all aspects of both the operation and business to provide a reliable, quality product in a facility that is operated safely and reliably. The day-to-day operation of the plant requires the integration and cooperation of several organizations to meet a common set of goals and standards. As a result, CALM provides support to leaders in improving the performance through integration and teamwork.

Integrated Performance Improvement

CALM has a simple model to improving performance. However, the simple model requires the commitment and energy of the leadership team. CALM supports the leadership team in identifying their goals and principles to meet them, in assessing the current situation to identify gaps and organizational strengths, in developing the plan for actions and schedule to address the gaps using strengths, establishing the metrics and tools to ensure responsible individuals are accountable for both deliverables and the results associated with the goals and monitoring for effective implementation. For more information go to Integrated Performance Improvement.

Program Improvement

If one of the reasons that performance goals are not being achieved, is associated with weaknesses in programs, CALM can support in improving these programs to industry standards or even best practices. For more information go to Program Improvement.

Integrated Risk Management

Facilities have several risks associated with their operations. These may include personnel safety risks, radiological risks, environmental risks, plant or nuclear safety risks, fire risks, production risks, regulatory risks, business risks and risks to reputation. Most organizations have procedures to individually manage some or all of these risks. However, in most cases, these risks are managed as silos, without consideration of the potential consequences associated with other risks. CALM has supported in the development of an Integrated Risk Management process to support management in a single strategy and method to manage risk. For more information go to Integrated Risk Management.

Operational Readiness

Several companies are in the process of building a new plant, a new facility within the current plant, or undergoing a refurbishment project or an existing plant. In all cases, management has a responsibility to assess the extent to which the facility and organization are ready for its turnover and operation. CALM has developed an operational readiness assessment process with guidelines that has been used for nuclear power plants and nuclear production facility. For more information go to Operational Readiness


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