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Improving Human Performance


Prevention of consequential events is a key component of a facility’s management team. This prevention is build into the design of the facility, the development of processes and the training of practices. CALM has supported the development and implementation of techniques to reduce errors within the nuclear, petroleum, and production facilities. An event can result from an incorrect action by a field worker. In such a case, the consequence usually occurs within a short period after the action and the worker is directly involved. However, events can also result from an error caused by a knowledge worker in the design of a modification, the development of a process or the creation or revision of a procedure. These are latent in nature and the individual who made the error may not be associated with the event. Both situations require specific tools to reduce the likelihood of an error. For information on the error reduction tools and the support that CALM can provide go to Conducting Event Free Work in the Field and Human Performance for Knowledge Workers.


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