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Identifying Performance Improvement Opportunities


Identifying Performance Improvement Opportunities through:

  • Investigations of Events and Adverse Trends
  • Performance Based Assessments and Audits
  • Independent Oversight

CALM has performed over 100 investigations of significant events associated with worker health and safety, operation and maintenance of facilities, environmental releases, outage extensions, equipment and reliability issues, and program implementation problems. Investigations have been performed at nuclear power plants, research facilities, refineries, chemical plants, pipelines and marine transportation. In addition, to the investigation of individual events, CALM has performed a large number of investigations of adverse trends in performance.

In addition to conducting investigations, CALM has supported several organizations within the nuclear, petroleum, pipeline, research and regulatory industries in the establishment and improvement of their investigation capability. This support has included the development and documentation of the investigation process, training of investigation staff, program implementation and reviews of the effectiveness of the program. Mike White has written a handbook on the investigation of events and adverse trends.

For more information, go to Investigations of Events and Adverse Trends

As recognized leaders in performance based assessments, CALM has performed close to a 100 third party assessments for management or as members of a facility team. These have been both the assessment of all aspects of facility performance or limited to a specific performance area, such as operations, maintenance, safety.

In addition to conducting assessments, CALM has supported utilities and petroleum companies in the development of their capability. CALM has developed a specific training and qualification program for performance based assessments. In addition, Mike White has authored A Handbook for Conducting Performance Based Assessments.

For more information, go to Performance Based Assessments and Audits

Through independent oversight, facility senior managers meet part of their due diligence responsibilities in the safe and reliable operation of their facility. CALM has senior, experienced personnel who can provide the balance needed to add value in performing such oversight.

For more information, go to Independent Oversight


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