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Improving Capability


It is recognized that human resources are a facility’s most valuable resource. Management provides them the technical training in order that they can perform their tasks safely and reliably. CALM provides support in taking the organization’s personnel to the next level in performance. It provides support to first line supervisor, the leadership team, staff and specialists.

Effective Field Supervision

It is not that many years ago that the best performing worker became the supervisor of the group. This frequently resulted in an unhappy and frustrated supervisor and an ineffectively led group. The ultimate result is a decrease in the group’s performance, increase in absenteeism and an increase in injury rate. CALM supports management in improving the effectiveness of the selection and development of new supervisors, and the enhancement of current supervisors. It is noted that the term field supervision is not limited to the operations and maintenance activities within the facility. It includes the ‘field’ of the knowledge worker, such as the conduct of engineering. For more on CALM’s approach go to Effective Field Supervision.

Leadership Coaching

CALM has developed a simple model for effective leadership. Its uses this model in the mentoring of the facility’s leadership team. This may include workshops for development and alignment of the leadership, but it always includes mentoring and feedback of performance. Mentoring requires a special bond between the person providing the coaching and the leader. This bond is a combination of respect and trust. CALM addresses this by selecting the best coach for the individual. If the bond does not exist, the coaching effort will stop and a new coach obtained. CALM has a large number of individuals who can provide this coaching, from department managers to site vice presidents. For further information, go to Leadership Coaching.

Training Services

Through the years, CALM has developed, maintained and upgraded a library of training courses and workshops. These have been developed for managers, supervisors, workers and specialists. They typically complement the suite of services provided by CALM. These can be delivered by CALM personnel or provided to an organization for delivery by their instructors after training by CALM. Where needed, CALM will modify its course and workshop to best integrate into the organization’s associated process. For a full list of the available courses and workshops, go to Training Services.


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