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When facilities have complicated events, recurring adverse trends and problems and a need for independence, management frequently calls on CALM to conduct the investigation or to support the internal investigation team. CALM has conducted over 100 investigations of events and adverse trends in Canadian and US nuclear power plants, refineries, chemical plants, transportation and research facilities. Investigations have included:

  • Personnel safety events related to environmental, plant, radiological and conventional safety.
  • Human performance events resulting in forced outages, operational transients, maintenance rework and foreign material damage, chemical excursions and environmental releases.
  • Equipment failures and degrading performance, including reliability issues of safety related equipment.
  • Organizational events and trends including outage performance, management performance, design agency problems, adverse trends in the conduct of maintenance and operations, and the breakdown of programs, including preventive maintenance, training, performance engineering, and effectiveness of corrective action programs.
  • In addition, CALM has provided the expertise for the development and implementation of event and adverse trend investigation capability at US nuclear plants, research facilities, and petrochemical companies. This included the development of the program, generation of investigation tools and procedures, development of the training and qualification process, and review initial investigation reports. For organizations that have an established process, CALM has provided training workshops to upgrade the capability of investigators.

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