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Our People

CALM brings together a highly qualified, experienced and trustworthy group of individuals to support a client in meeting its goals in a cost effective manner. Being cost effective is accomplished through the low overhead of maintaining minimum staffing levels. Through the availability of a large pool of highly experienced individuals in all areas of managing, operating, maintaining and supporting production facilities – including nuclear power plants, refineries, chemical plants and manufacturing plants. The CALM team includes previous site and corporate Vice Presidents, operations managers, maintenance managers, chemistry managers, engineering managers and safety managers, including radiation protection, environmental management, emergency preparedness and loss control). Individuals come from the Canadian, US and British nuclear industry, as well as the Canadian and US petrochemical industry. It is this large pool of experienced resources that separates CALM from others. Rather than internal pressure of meeting quotas for company staff as the basis for selecting individuals for a specific client and project, CALM can provide the best available individuals for the project. The selection is based on experience, qualifications and the characteristics needed to build the required relationship between the client’s management and the CALM team. The CALM team has more than 500 person-years of industry experience. Although the majority of its projects have been in Canada and the United States, CALM has supported facilities in Europe and Asia.

Mike White, B.Sc., M.Sc., President

Mike is the founder of CALM Management Consulting, Inc., and its predecessor Safety Management Services, Inc. During this period he has supported several nuclear plants in improving performance as measured by INPO and WANO performance indicators and the results of plant evaluations. He has supported plants in the development and implementation of performance based programs, event investigation process and quality improvement. He adopted these techniques and processes for application in the petrochemical and refinery industries with Imperial Oil Limited of Canada. This became an integral component of IOL’s Operational Integrity and Operational Excellence initiatives. These were later adopted by Exxon Mobil for use at its facilities.

Prior to starting his first company in 1990, Mike worked with Ontario Hydro for 14 years where he held management positions in Radiation Protection at Bruce and Pickering sites. In addition, he started the corporate Emergency Preparedness program and infrastructure, the internal performance based assessment program, and the quality improvement program for the nuclear plants. Mike spent two years on loan from Ontario Hydro to INPO as the first Canadian utility loanee. He evaluated more than 15 nuclear plants and performed another 8 technical assistance visits during that time.

Mike established a radiation protection facility to perform the calibration and repair of instruments, the measurement associated with radionuclide source leaktesting, training and consulting services. This facility was the first in Canada to be approved by the regulator (Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB), now the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission) for this calibration. For several years, Mike was a member of the AECB Advisory Committee on Radiation Protection.

To support the implementation of performance based assessments, event investigations and continuous improvement in risk industries, Mike has written or co-written handbooks on these subjects.

CALM maintains the capability to provide current industry standards and best practices through its association with experts in the following areas:

  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Design Engineering and Plant Modifications
  • Equipment Performance and Reliability
  • Training and Qualification
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Management
  • Industrial Safety
  • Radiation Protection
  • Safety Analysis
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Work Management (On-Line and Outage)
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Quality Assurance

These experts include individuals who have held senior positions in the nuclear and petrochemical industries, including:

  • Site Vice Presidents
  • Corporate Vice Presidents
  • Nuclear Plant Managers
  • Refinery Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Design Engineering Managers
  • System and Performance Engineering Managers
  • Engineering Directors
  • Nuclear Oversight Directors
  • Senior member of Canadian nuclear regulator
  • Loss Control Managers
  • Radiation Protection Managers
  • Emergency Preparedness Directors
  • Chemistry Managers
  • Environmental Management Directors

It's All About Performance!