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Improving Plant Performance

CALM has supported nuclear plants and refineries in improving performance. Specific examples have included:

  • Supported US and Canadian nuclear plants in making specific improvements to increase their Nuclear Performance Indicator (NPI) and to be recognized as showing improvement between plant Peer Reviews by WANO and INPO.
  • Supported several US and Canadian plants in improving conduct of maintenance through the correction of program weaknesses and poor practices, the improvement of supervisory performance and field oversight, and independent field observations. In addition, we have provided coaching of maintenance managers in setting expectations, monitoring performance, aligning the organization, improving communication within the department and establishing accountability. Our success has been measured through a reduction in maintenance human performance events, rework, accident rate, an increase in work completion rates, as well as recognition of improvement through WANO and INPO Peer Reviews.
  • In addition to the conduct of maintenance, we have successfully supported plants in improving the conduct of operations, radiation protection, engineering (system, component and design), chemistry and contractor management.
  • Supported improvements in the planning and execution of nuclear power plant and refinery outages, on-line work management, integrated risk management and one nuclear plant in the development and implementation of an integrated work management process.
  • Supported a large Canadian petrochemical company in a significant revision to its operations through the introduction of high standards and the use of performance based assessments as the standard method to evaluate refinery and chemical plant performance.

It's All About Performance!