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Publications & Products

CALM Management Consulting is pleased to offer the industry specific handbooks to support facilities in their drive to improvement. These handbooks are revised to reflect improvements in techniques and to incorporate lessons learned from CALM’s on-going work in these areas. Currently, the following publications are offered for purchase:

Improving Performance Through Assessments

Mike White has written this handbook to support evaluators and team leaders in preparing for, conducting and reporting the results of assessments. With the experience of over 200 assessments, Mike provides the insights into ‘how-to conduct’ effective assessments. Click here for further details.

Attaining Excellence in Risk Industries

Mike White and Bob Popple provide a “how-to” approach for leading and guiding successful change. It uses the principles of excellence established for non-risk industries and applies them to risk management. This provides a framework for planning change, evaluating development and making continual improvements in the on-going search for excellence. Click here for further details.

Systematic Analysis for Event Investigations

This handbook is currently being revised to incorporate additional human performance and organizational analysis techniques. These techniques have been added. In addition, the handbook has now incorporated an improved ability to investigate equipment failures, as well as analysis of the extent of conditions associated with the event and the extent of the identified causes. This revision is nearing completion and for pre-order details will be posted here soon.

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