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Technical Services

CALM provides consulting services and support to assist organizations to meet their goals, regulatory requirements and industry standards. Through the large pool of highly experienced, qualified and motivated individuals, CALM can provide the right person to meet your specific need. Our capability includes:

  • Operations – all aspects of the conduct and management of control room and field operations; including maintaining status of plant components, managing and control the source of energy within the facility’s process, and developing and maintaining operator fundamentals.
  • Maintenance – all aspects of the conduct and management of maintenance activities; including the establishment and implementation of maintenance strategies, craft ownership, rework minimization, and event free maintenance.
  • Engineering – including system, component, design, project and procurement engineering. Through its affiliates, a strong capability in fire protection, ageing management, seismic protection and environmental qualification.
  • Radiation Protection – all aspects of ALARA, exposure control, contamination control, management of high hazard work, dosimetry and radiation instrumentation, radioactive waste minimization, and effluent control and monitoring.
  • Emergency Preparedness – all aspects of control room response, on-site response, off-site response, interface with off-site organizations and regulators, and communication response.
  • Environmental Protection – all aspects of hazard identification, minimization, prevention, mitigation and education.
  • Chemistry – maintaining the correct chemistry for the long term health and protection of the asset, and chemistry practices for safe and quality performance.
  • Work Management – both on-line work management and outage management, with a strong focus on having the multiple participating organizations work as a team to meet the common goals.
  • Training – development of training program that meet the requirements of the Systematic Approach to Training.
  • Benchmarking – support the organization in effectively using selective benchmarking to improve performance.

It's All About Performance!